Bank Farm Holiday Park – Sustainability

We care about our planet.

The Davies family who own Bank Farm Holiday Park  are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. We use renewable energy sources, and reduce our water usage whenever possible.

Here are some of the things Bank Farm does to be sustainable:

  • We use solar panels to generate electricity.
  • We reduce our water usage by installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances.
  • We have our own tested water bore hole to minimise the use of Severn Trent water.
  • As there is no recycling collection locally so, we ask our static caravan owners to take there plastics, cans, bottles and paper home to recycle there.
  • We have a biomass boiler which heats several of the parks homes.
  • We are researching a £100,000 investment in a wind turbine to create more electricity.
  • We have our onsite sawmill where we cut our own timber from our own harvested trees wherever possible.
  • We quarry our own stone for the hardcore and stone walling around the park.
  • We re-use slabs and building materials wherever possible.
  • We save and weigh in all types of metal for recycling
  • We use sustainable materials wherever possible.
  • We offset our carbon usage by growing trees.
  • We care for our fishing pools and replenish the fish taken by herons and other natural predators including mink and otters.

We are proud to be a sustainable holiday park and we hope you will join us in protecting and caring for the environment.